NFTeacher Varsity Jackets: What are the Details?

Table of Contents

Our genesis NFTeacher varsity jackets are dropping this Sunday so it is only right to write an article detailing where we are with our genesis collection. Our NFT jackets will act as access tokens to our online school and resources.  We will have 6 different generations totaling 5,000 mints. All NFTeacher Jacket holders of any generation will:


  • Have full access to our online school NFTeacher University
  • Be able to access exclusive channels on the Discord server
  • Have access to exclusive areas and/or features on NFTeacher parcels in Decentraland, and everywhere else we erect a campus. 
  • Be able to use their jackets in open source augmented and virtual reality dApps
  • Be able to participate in our school projects
  • Be eligible for every giveaway
  • Receive an NFT Decentraland wearable version of their jacket via airdrop
  • Have access to web3 job opportunities as they become available
If you sell your jacket before you complete the genesis curriculum you will lose your status as a student. If you complete the curriculum 

Our goal is to establish partnerships with brands to expand the utility of an NFTeacher Varsity Jacket. NFT wearable fashion is going to be a huge industry so we felt that choosing a wearable instead of avatar as our flag ship style would be different.


We wanted the genesis jackets to reflect a traditional varsity jacket style. Each generation will incorporate more cyber elements into the aesthetic. The genesis jacket was designed by Aginti Interactive, a small 3D firm in New Orleans. Our goal is to enlist different artists for each design. 


We decided to go with a traditional scarcity model. There is no need for rarity tools because our project is non generative. We will release new generations passively as older generations sell out. 

School Projects

School projects are going to be how we incentivize collaboration in our school. Each project will be unique and will require teams of 2-4 students to complete. Projects will be graded by our staff and prizes will be given to the winners. Student project prizes will range from ETH to NFTs. Our goal is to use these projects to figure out the skillsets of students so that we can place them in opportunities that are in sync with their capabilities. 


We plan to partner with NFT communities for exclusive giveaways for our holders. Our relationships in the metaverse will allow us to connect our students to projects that are rooted in the expansion of web3. 


We are going to release a new generation 1-2 months after the sell-out of the previous generation. This will give us time to build as we grow the project. 


Hopefully we have cleared some of your thoughts about the NFTeacher varsity jacket drop. In the next update I will be updating you all on the royalty feature we implimented on the jackets. It has been brought to my attention that this can result in potential issues down the line if we do not approach it correctly. We will release an update before the release on Sunday so that things are clear going forward. The last thing we want is to be delisted because of an addition that is a fraction of the entire project. Stay tuned in to our Twitter, Instagram, and Discord for more information.