NFTeacher Genesis Drop Details

The purpose of this article is to provide as much information about our Genesis NFT Varsity Jacket launch to ensure onboarding is smooth during the release.

How can I mint a jacket?

Minting will take place on an integrated portal on our website. The address is Please make sure to double-check the link before connecting your wallet. There will be a 5 mint per person limit and 100 jackets available to mint. 5 will be reserved for giveaways.

Once I mint a jacket, how do I enroll in the school?

As stated in our roadmap, enrollment day will happen in November. Once our learning engine smart contracts are complete, students will have access to enroll and complete the classes that we have available. We will schedule a few students only live sessions leading up to enrollment day.

Which marketplace will the varsity jackets be listed?

Our collection will be viewable on

How much are the jackets?

The NFTeacher Varsity Jackets are .1 ETH

What will holders get with the jackets?


  • Have full access to our online school NFTeacher University
  • Be able to access exclusive channels on the Discord server
  • Have access to exclusive areas and/or features on NFTeacher parcels in Decentraland, and everywhere else we erect a campus. 
  • Be able to use their jackets in open source augmented and virtual reality dApps
  • Be able to participate in our school projects
  • Be eligible for every giveaway
  • Receive an NFT Decentraland wearable version of their jacket via airdrop
  • Have access to web3 job opportunities as they become available

Are we still doing the 2% mint royalty?

After speaking with our financial advisors we decided to opt out of the mint royalty due to potential concerns with the SEC. We want this project to be compliant. The last thing we want is for this project to get delisted from Opensea due to regulatory issues. Instead we will allocate those funds for our school project prizes. This way we can incentive collaboration in the school and reward students for innovative work. 

Do I need to attend the event to get a jacket?

No, you can get a jacket by visiting the mint site.

When will I receive my DCL wearable?

We will roll out the wearables during November for enrollment day.