Welcome to the School!

So you just got one of our metavarsity wearables for our online school, congratulations!

There are a lot of things that you can and will be able to do with our smart wearables. We wanted to create a project that help our holders think outside the box as it relates to what can be done with non fungible technology. This will be an expansive journey dedicated to pushing the metaverse forward using education as our vehicle. 

The Mission

To experiment with the possibilities of blockchain edutech and empower metaverse enthusiasts with videos and learning modules.

How do I see my NFT?

You can view your NFTeacher wearable by logging on to your favorite NFT marketplace and viewing your account. The asset should be located in the account that you used to mint your NFT. 

NFTeacher Metaverse School Collection on Opensea

What can I do with my NFT Smart Wearable?

NFTeacher University

NFTeacher University is our web app that can be accessed by holders. You can visit and connect the wallet holding your varsity jacket. Once you connect, you will be redirected to our Student Center where you will have access to private content and giveaways. You must use metamask or wallet connect to access our application.

Our class courses are available in the student center. There are lessons and quizzes that need to be completed to be eligible for an NFTeacher degree.

1. Tap connect wallet on
2. Login using wallet that holds NFTeacher token
3. You will be redirected to NFTeacher Student Center
4. View classes and take quizzes complete

Students Only Discord

NFTeacher students can verify their tokens and get access to my private discord where I give free alpha on projects that I’m scouting. This is also where you can ask me detailed questions about your journey or project.

Discord screenshot of our #holder-verification server in discord

Student Only Giveaways & Raffles

We will host giveaways and raffles for NFTeacher students. These giveaways will be physical items or digital items. They will happen often so don’t forget to check the student center for details.

Oculus Quest 2 Giveaway

The Events

We will hold regular events in the metaverse. Most events will be public but holders will have access to the content after it’s posted via the video library. I plan to interview users in all walks of life in the metaverse so that viewers can get a well rounded perspective of the space.

NFTeacher Metaverse Campus Decentraland 102,151
NFTeacher Event with Stick VTuber in Decentraland

The Drops

NFTeacher holders will receive exclusive free airdrops. We airdropped holders a Decentraland wearable version of our genesis NFTeacher metavarsity jackets. You can wear these at our events or when you’re exploring Decentraland. These are a great way to show you affiliation with the University!

Decentraland Wearable Version of NFTeacher Metavarsity Jacket

Student Projects

Starting in 2022, we will begin hosting student project competitions that will have NFT and crypto awards. The purpose of the projects will be to stimulate partnerships between the student body.

Private Consultation

Students can schedule a consultation with school the Dean Dr. Clipz by filling out the inquiry form in the Student Center. 

Discord screenshot of our #holder-verification server in discord

How can I keep up with this?

You can stay up to date on what we have going on by periodically checking our discord channel. If you want the full details on what’s going on with the project you can watch the Dean’s Log on the Dr. Clipz Youtube.