How to access classes

Connect Metamask Wallet

Connect Wallet to This will give you a custom user role allowing you to view the hidden class modules. 

Search available classes

Search available classes. We will add more classes on as we grow to increase our database. Once you find the class that you want to take you’ll be asked to enroll.

Enroll in class

The next window will allow you to enroll in the class. You will not be able to view the lessons or take the quizzes unless you enroll in the class.

Take classes and quizzes

Once you enroll you will be taken to the course window where you will be able to begin the module. If there is a time limit, you will see it on the right hand side.

Leave review after class

We want you honest review on the course so that we can help make it better for future students! This is my first time making mass content and will do everything I can to refine the process and provide as much information as possible in future classes.